Athletic Department Vision

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It is the desire of the HCSS to provide an athletic program based on collaboration between high school and middle school coaches, communication between ALL stakeholders, and keeping our student-athletes as the number one priority. Athletics are a part of the extra-curricular educational process of the Henry County School System.  We strive to have each student-athlete enjoy a positive experience while developing competitive teams.  The mission of HCSS athletics is to provide activities which complement the education of students in ways not provided by the curriculum.  Our schools are committed to providing programs which are safe, sound, competitive, and productive; while teaching sportsmanship, ethical behavior, communication, responsibility, pride, and integrity. It should be understood that participation in athletics is a privilege and not a right.  Students who elect to participate in athletics are voluntarily making a choice that carries expectations and responsibility.  Conduct and attitude will be judged more closely from the community, student body, and other communities.  Because of this role, athletes are held to a high standard and should conduct themselves as such.  

System Wide Athletic Director/HCHS Athletic Director

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Barry Baker

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"Athletics and education working in conjunction with each other can enhance the lives of everyone involved by providing students the opportunities to excel in either or both. As educators, it is our charge to help each and every student become the most well-rounded person they can be. Athletics can and do support the educational process. Athletics, at its core, gives opportunities for learning in a way that the typical classroom simply cannot mirror". -Maria Cox, HCSS 3-8 Curriculum Supervisor