Grades 9-12 Course Selection Materials

Looking for more information on course opportunities in grades 9-12? Browse this selection of promotional videos and documents prepared for you by our very own teachers and students. Also included are pdf copies of the Course Catalog and Course Selection Cards for EW Grove, HC Virtual Academy, and HC High School. 

Introductory Videos from the Principals

EW Grove video

Henry County High School: Rising 10th Graders
**See additional PowerPoint Presentation for Rising 10th Graders listed in the files section, below. 
Henry County High School: Rising 11th and 12th graders

TCAT Dual Enrollment Information

NEW THIS YEAR! If you interested in taking a Dual Enrollment course at TCAT Paris, you must first apply for eligibility to enroll at TCAT. Your eligibility application may be submitted via this link or by printing, completing and turning in the application (listed in the files section, below). 

TCAT Paris Virtual Tour Presentation

English Department 

Math Department

Science Department

Fine Arts Department

CTE Department