Online Registration



Welcome to the Henry County School System Online Registration for the 2024-2025 School Year!  

Online Registration has been implemented to reduce the time required to complete all paperwork at the beginning of the school year for current or returning students.

The definition of a "Current Student" is a student who has been enrolled in one of our schools in the Henry County School System during the previous school year and completed the school year while enrolled at a school in the Henry County School System. In addition, 8th-grade students coming to Grove School for 9th grade are also considered and defined as "Current" for online registration purposes.

NOTE: For the purpose of the Online Registration process, if you are an 8th-grade student or parent of an 8th-grade student from one of the following schools, you are considered to be a "CURRENT STUDENT" of Henry County School System

  • Dorothy and Noble Harrelson School

  • Henry Elementary School

  • Lakewood School

  • Incoming 9th-graders from W.O. Inman School coming to E.W. Grove School

The definition of a "Returning Student" is a student who has been enrolled in one of our schools in the Henry County School System in the past but the student did not complete the previous school year at Henry County School System. For example, a student who attended a Henry County School System school as a kindergarten student, but transferred to the Paris Special School District for grades 1st through 8th, would be considered a returning student.

The following schools are in the Henry County School System:

  • Henry Elementary in Henry, TN

  • Dorothy & Noble Harrelson School in Puryear, TN

  • Lakewood School in Buchanan, TN

  • Grove School in Paris, TN

  • Henry County High School in Paris, TN

Online Registration is the process that allows parents and guardians to complete the enrollment/registration process online for returning students as well as students who will be new to our school system.  We welcome you and your participation in this process.

Open Enrollment

The Henry County School System provides an open enrollment period during which parents or guardians may choose to enroll their child(ren) in a Henry County School for which they are not zoned provided that the school has available space. Parents will be responsible for providing transportation to and from school for their child(ren).

Open enrollment seats currently available in the Henry County School System:

HCVA Enrollment and Registration

The Henry County Virtual Academy (HCVA) provides a progressive, non-traditional educational opportunity for students that meet admission criteria. To learn more about HCVA and to discuss the guidelines for initial enrollment and annual registration, please contact Tim Mason, HCVA Principal, at 731-644-3898 or you can email Mr. Mason at