Grades 3-8 Scope and Sequence

Educational researchers agree that a “guaranteed and viable curriculum” is closely associated with strong student achievement. In the Henry County School System, all elementary schools share a scope and sequence for each grade level and course in grades 3 through 8. Simply put, the scope describes what students will learn—the content and skills to be taught in the classroom. The sequence describes the order in which skills and content should be taught, ensuring that students are able to build continually on prior knowledge and build a deep understanding of the content.

Each scope and sequence document includes at a minimum a course calendar that includes standards, objectives and topics covered, major assignments required, field trips, and procedures for parental access to instructional materials. While many teachers in grades 6 through 8 will post a syllabus on their class websites, the scope and sequence documents on this page can be used to meet the required syllabus in grades 6 through 8.

Scope and sequence documents for grades 3 through 8 are listed below. 

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