Title IX and Sex-Based Harassment

The Title IX Coordinator shall respond promptly to all general reports as well as formal complaints of discrimination and sex-based harassment. He/she shall be kept informed by school-level personnel of all investigations and shall provide input on an ongoing basis as appropriate. Please see Board Policy 6.3041 and 5.500 attached in the below files. A basic Title IX process includes,
1. Discrimination and/or Sexual harassment reported
2. Formal complaint by Complainant/Title IX coordinator
3. Notice of allegations
4. Investigation
5. Question and answer and resolution
6. Appeal
The formal complaint should be made in writing (hard copy or email); signed by the complainant, parent/guardian, Title IX coordinator; alleged sexual harassment; and request an investigation. Support services will be monitored continually throughout the investigation and afterwards for complainant and respondent.

Training per §106.45(b)(10)(i)(D) of the regulations:
Ics Lawyer

Overview of Title IX - YouTube : Tennessee Department of Education

Any individual may contact the Title IX Coordinator at any time using the information below:
Susan Burton, Federal Program Director Email - burtons@henryk12.net

David Kibbler, Director of Student Management Email - kibblerd@henryk12.net

Mailing address: 313 S. Wilson Street Paris, TN 38242
Phone number: 731-642-9733

Henry County Board Policy-Title IX & Sexual Harassment Students - 63041.docx - Microsoft Word Online (live.com)